A Texan by way of Illinois, Charlie J Memphis’ fate was sealed the moment he touched an electric guitar. The singer-songwriter was introduced to piano and classical guitar at a young age. It was the electricity of the steel strings with the buzz of a tube amp that captivated his imagination and set him on his path. Memphis was raised in the suburbs of Chicago but found his voice and sound after moving to Texas. He has developed a unique sound that has been inspired by his new home in Texas which pays tribute to southern rock, outlaw and cosmic country, while not forsaking his punk and blues roots. He has been fearless when it comes to forging ahead in musical directions not explored by any other artist near his age.

2018 was a big year for Charlie, as he dropped his first ep, Bloody Is the Water, and two singles. He is currently preparing to release a set of covers from artists that have inspired and encouraged him on his journey. He will also be heading into Echo Labs to record new music that will demonstrate his continued growth as an artist, set to be released later this year.

Charlie is actively performing with his band The Boneshakers, as well as playing solo gigs across Texas. He also plays bass for Vincent Neil Emerson as a member of the Traveling Armadillos, as well as supporting other bands as called upon. When not performing he can be found at The Echo Labs where Matt Pence is developing his ear for producing and collaborating with artists during their recording sessions.

Charlie took me back to the 70’s.
— Lionel Richie


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This kid has the chops, the desire and the support team he needs to change the game. Don’t sleep on this kid, he’s carrying the torch.
— Joshua Fleming, Vandoliers

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Artist Information

Genre Cosmic Country, Swamp Rock, Rock Blues
Label Self-Released
Hometown Justin, TX
Influences Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons, Jack White, Johnny Cash
Sounds Like Black Keys, Waylon Jennings, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Marco Bartolomei - Steel Pedal
Ryan Muller - Drums
Richie Owen - Bass
Blake Cheek - Guitar
Charlie J Memphis - Vox, Guitar, Harmonica


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How did I miss out on Mr. Memphis? This kid can play the blues and the rock.
— Ghost of Blind Lemon